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We are Special.

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In France

In France

Our Lons-based offices boast an experienced eyewear development team. Each project is assigned to a dedicated product manager, who is in turn, responsible for liaising with the other departments (Design and Logistics). The project conception phases, right up to the final pre-shipment quality checks, take place here.

In China

In China

Our Wenzhou-based team handles the entire industrial process. The on-site engineers and technicians check the feasibility of the design of each individual frame, and advise our French team on the potential technical solutions to help bring the project to fruition. The prescription glasses and sunglasses that we produce in our factory are European standard-compliant.

Product development requires a great deal of concentration. Every detail is important."

Amandine, Project Manager, Jura

There is a common misconception that design is only about aesthetics. We prefer a design that tells a story.”

Maxime, Product Designer, Jura

Logistics means making everything go smoothly by thinking it through in advance.”

Jérôme, Shipping/Receiving Manager, Jura

We interact with our clients on a daily basis. We take the time to listen to you.”

Camille, ADV Assistant, Jura

Quality is our priority. Our glasses are 100% checked."

Jing Ping, Quality manager, Wenzhou

Each gesture requires precision to satisfy a high level of finish."

Jianbi, Quality manager, Wenzhou

Manufacturing is a handover between all the specialist departments involved."

Jiaquin, Quality manager, Wenzhou